• All cast and crew and their parents must sign a performance contract and the GSL Co-Curricular Contract.  Violation of either contract is grounds for dismissal from the production.

  • Attend all scheduled rehearsals. There will always be an accurate rehearsal schedule at least a week in advance.

  • ALL Cast and crew are required to attend EVERY dress/technical rehearsal and ALL performances.

  • Cast members will be allowed only two (2) excused absences from rehearsals before being replaced. (An excused absence is one that is prearranged, in writing, and unavoidable.)  Please make necessary arrangements so appointments are not scheduled during rehearsal time.

  • Cast members will be required to provide some costume pieces and their own footwear.

  • Cast and crew members are strongly encouraged to purchase a Production Pack for the show they are involved with.

  • Cast and crew members are required to attend a minimum of a HALF DAY of school on any dress rehearsal and performance days. Students who do not comply with this requirement will not be permitted to rehearse or perform on that day per WIAA Regulations.

Cast & Crew Requirements

Rehearsal Times

Tiger Drama rehearsals run from 2:45-5:00 Monday through Friday in the LCHS Auditorium unless otherwise noted. Occasionally, rehearsals may be scheduled outside of these times. Your director will provide more detailed information as needed.

What happens if I violate the Performance or ASB Contracts?

Any student who works on the cast or crew of a LCHS Tiger Drama Production must sign the LCHS Tiger Drama Performance Contract and a GSL Co-Curricular Contract. Any violation of either contract will result in immediate dismissal from the production. This includes the alcohol and tobacco policies and academic eligibility.

What does it mean to be “academically eligible?”

There are certain standards of academics that must be met in order for a student to be eligible to participate in any after school/extra-curricular activity. These standards are set by the administration and are completely detailed in the LCHS Student Handbook. At performance time, students must be passing 5 classes. If a student fails more than one class at semester, they are placed on a six week academic probation that prevents any participation in afterschool events, including rehearsals. Failure in academic courses will result in a student being removed from a production, or prevented from participating in future productions and other school/department activities.

What if my parent/guardian wants to help out?

We have a special parent group that helps oversee department needs called STAGE (Supporting Theatre Arts Growth and Education). Meetings are held the second Monday evening of each month at 6:00pm in room 129. For more information, please contact our Production Liaisons.

What does it cost to participate in a Tiger Drama production?

  • Each student cast in a main stage production is required to assist with some elements of their costume undergarments/socks/footwear. Boys may be asked to provide their own shoes, slacks, socks, and undergarments. Ladies must provide their own shoes, nylons, and undergarments.

  • Students must provide their own makeup. Sharing eyeliner and other products can cause serious infection.

  • Cast and Crew members are strongly encouraged to purchase a Production Pack for the show they are involved in.

  • If you are involved in a production traveling to State or qualify in an IE event and will be traveling to State, you will need to purchase a GSL Card.

What if I cannot attend school or rehearsal due to illness or emergency?

You must call, email, or text your instructor and/or director prior to NOON on the day you are to be absent from rehearsal. Just calling the attendance office is not enough. In a work situation, you would have to call in to your employer; we expect no less courtesy and respect. For now, school is your job.

What is a Production Pack?

The Production Pack price per production is $25.00. The idea behind the Production Pack is 2 fold: to make the process easier on participating families (one payment) and to reduce paperwork (one payment covers four items).

The Production Pack for each show includes:

  • Production T-shirt

  • Cast and Crew Autographed Production Poster

  • Private YouTube link to video of the production

  • Meal on tech day/photo call day

Payment for the Production Pack made to our parent group, STAGE. Please contact us if you have any financial concerns as scholarship money is available.

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