May 2-3


When his suspiciously widowed mother swiftly marries his uncle, amidst demands for revenge from his murdered father’s ghost, the young prince Hamlet resolves that something is indeed “rotten in the state of Denmark.” Forced by circumstance into a world turned upside down by betrayal, distrust and madness, Hamlet spirals through a torrent of erratic emotion and bizarre behavior in a relentless pursuit of truth. Torn between duty and doubt, he wrestles tenaciously with the profound question “to be or not to be,” until fate exacts its final answer.

Production Pack Info

DEADLINE - Monday, April 8

Ordering Production Packs is a two step process:

1. First order your t-shirt. Instructions are found in this document:



2. Next - pay for your production pack. Check (made out to STAGE) or Cash can be delivered to Mrs. Maguire in 128 (Green Room). Debit/Credit payment can be made HERE.


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