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Historic Lewis & Clark AUDITORIUM

The historic Lewis and Clark Auditorium was restored in 2001 to reflect how it appeared following the first major renovation in 1925 when the pipe organ was installed.  The LC Auditorium features the original wooden seats that have been upholstered and restored to their original beauty. In the photos you can also see our historic 16' Steinway grand piano that still entertains audiences at our concerts. The windows that had been painted black and boarded over in World War II have also been restored allowing the space to be filled with natural light. The ornate golden proscenium had been hidden by remodels for years until it was revealed and restored as part of the renovation project.  Our Auditorium features historic paintings of both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and is also home to a pipe organ; the only one to be found in a high school this side of the Mississippi River!

At maximum capacity, the balcony seats just under 200 patrons while the main floor seats nearly 600.  Handicapped seating is available on the main floor. Our ADA access door is located just off 4th Avenue in the newest cafeteria addition to the main building.

Proscenium Height: 20'

Proscenium Width: 38'

Proscenium to Back Wall: 25'

Proscenium to Front of Stage: 15'

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