Lewis and Clark Tiger Drama Thespian Troupe 6356 is proud to participate in events sponsored by Washington Thespians and the Educational Theatre Association.  Thespians is an honor society rewarding excellence in high school theatre and honoring student achievement. To become an inducted thespian, students must gain 10 points on the thespian point scale.  Once inducted, thespians save money on Thespian sponsored events (IE, State and National Thespian Festivals), and can run and vote for leadership positions within the Tiger Drama Department.

2020-2021 Thespians

Adrian Arpin

Catherine Cox

Amia Delaney

Catherine Dietchak

Maya Eastlund

Jameson Elton

Karenna Holland

Rosie Juviler

Natasha Kaufman

Katarine Kenlein

Bella Kershaw

Helen Knaack

Allison Lorentz

Hannah Mahan

Jadyn Malone

Lexi McFarlane

Nash McFarlane

Cole McKenzie

Cadence McLin

Michael Monroe

Sarah Munir

Taylor Oesterheld

Emma Osborne

Max Palmeron

Audrey Phan

Elke Phillips

Isabel Pierce

Olivia Pirch

Lauren Roddis

Leilani Santiago

Lily Savage

Aaliyah Sayers

Rianna Schierman

Genevieve Schmidt

Rona Smith

Owen Swanson

Audrey Sylling

Sophia Thompson

Brynn Webb

Emrys Wilhelm

Picnic 2019

Picnic 2019

New Student and Alumni Picnic 2019

Thespians at ITF 2019

Thespians at ITF 2019

Thespians at ITF 2019

ITF 2017

ITF 2017

ITF 2017

ITF Lied Center

ITF Lied Center

School of Rock

School of Rock

Troupe 6356 attending the National Tour of School of Rock!

Saigon Talkback

Saigon Talkback

Cast members of the 2019 National Tour of Miss Saigon and LC Troupe 6356 performance and Q&A.

2019-2020 Thespians at INTAF 2019

2019-2020 Thespians at INTAF 2019

2019-2020 Thespians at INTAF 2019

HSM Cast and Crew

HSM Cast and Crew

High School Musical Cast & Crew 2019


2019-2020 Premium Season Sponsor

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