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Lewis and Clark Tiger Drama Thespian Troupe 6356 is proud to participate in events sponsored by Washington Thespians and the Educational Theatre Association.  Thespians is an honor society rewarding excellence in high school theatre and honoring student achievement. To become an inducted thespian, students must gain 10 points on the thespian point scale.  Once inducted, thespians save money on Thespian sponsored events (Thespys, State and International Thespian Festival), and can run and vote for leadership positions within the Tiger Drama Department and Washington Thespians.

2022-2023 Thespians

Rozalyn Allen

Egara Aragoneses-Ruiz

Mara Bech

Alex Berry

Ayva Broadbent

Caty Childress

Elinor Coghlan

Catherine Dietschak

Joshua Domrese

Elijah Dordal

Ella Downs

Rachel Dubbels

Bella Ferch

Jacob Garrett

Jordan Gortner

Eden Howarth

Rowan Jeske

Georgia Lewis

Allison Lorentz

Siena Lotrario

Ethan Lotrario

Nash McFarlane

Rya Monroe

Jen Nackos

Emily Niemann

Caden Osborne

Maxine Palmerton

Tristan Passinetti

Vivian Read

Leilani Santiago

Kate Sestero

Declan Sheehan

Brooklyn Side

Maddie Sipes

Rona Smith

Kate Stachofsky

Owen Swanson

Maggie Sylling

Sophia Thompson

Yer Xiong

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