TIGER DRAMA extra-curricular

EDUCATIONAL opportunities


All Lewis and Clark High School students have the opportunity to audition for roles in our after school productions or apply to work backstage on our crews. We typically produce two shows a year that are open for all students. Other performance opportunities come from our advanced acting and/or musical theatre classes. Students who are enrolled in Stagecraft often make up a significant portion of our crews.


INTAF (Inland Northwest Theatre Arts Festival) is a festival designed for student and teacher engagement and enrichment in theatre arts. This two day festival is held at the end of October each year at a local Spokane High School. Over 350 Washington and Idaho students gather for a weekend of workshops and performances led by industry professionals on a variety of theatrical subjects. In addition to workshops, students have the opportunity to have material adjudicated for future festivals or participate in workshops that culminate in performances in the closing ceremonies. The cost is $40.00 and scholarships are available if needed.


The 'Thespies' are adjudications sponsored by Washington State Thespians that qualifies students for both State and National Thespian Festivals. Each January students prepare and have material adjudicated by industry professionals.  Students whose overall score is in the excellent category attend and are honored at the State Thespian Festival in March. Students whose overall score is in the superior category qualify for Nationals and showcase opportunities at state. The purpose of IE is to have your skills adjudicated and use the comments to grow as an artist. There is a $35.00 fee to participate and you can enter up to three categories: 


The Washington State Thespian Festival is held each March and alternates between Western Washington University and Central Washington University. This three day festival celebrated Thespian achievement with schools across the state. Students can view other school productions and works in progress as well as attend workshops and compete in technical events. Students who score an overall excellent or above at the regional Thespies automatically qualify for state.  All students who travel to the State Thespian Festival must purchase a LC GSL card in the Business Office.


The International Thespian Festival (ITF) offers a full schedule of theatrical performances and workshops presented by theatre professionals, Thespie adjudications, and opportunities for juniors to audition for colleges. Students of ALL levels have the opportunity to meet with university representatives from around the country. Seniors may also apply for Thespian scholarships. Students who qualified for Nationals at the Regional Thespy Festival have the opportunity to audition their Thespy piece to qualify for a spot in the National Thespy Awards Showcase.