welcome back projects

advanced & musical theatre students

You will select, rehearse, and perform/present a 5 minute or less 'Welcome Back Project' that showcases something you do well and feel confident in. This project should:

  • Demonstrate where you are in your artistic journey

  • Introduce yourself to our classroom ensemble

  • Establish a base for the goals we will be setting

  • Allow an opportunity to perform/present without restrictions on the source material

  • Showcase what you love to do and find confidence in

HAVE FUN! Theatre is a class where we get to be silly and take chances together in a safe and nurturing environment. If you have a piece that you are considering for THESPYS, this is a great place to test out that material and get some feedback.

You will record and post your Welcome Back Project on Flipgrid. Once everyone has posted their project, you will go through and give warm fuzzy comments on each performance.



  • Sing a song/perform a monologue​​

    • ​​This is your chance to perform a piece you might not traditionally get to opportunity to sing. Or, select a non-theatre song that you really connect to. Gender, race, age do not apply here - sing something you love.

  • Play an instrument

  • Dance or choreograph a selection​
  • Create your own pantomime performance
  • Write/film/edit your own short video clip/scene
  • Write/share a piece of poetry or creative writing

  • Re-perform the piece you auditioned with to get into class and show the progress you have made

  • Informative speech about a theatrical topic

    • You could present your own 'Musical Monday' slide about a play or musical that you love. Or tell us what you know about lighting, Roman theatre history, Kabuki theatre, or Sanford Meisner. The topic possibilities are endless.​


Do you have a different idea to showcase your talent? Just ask! We are open to all kinds of different ideas.


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